Prevention of Ingrown Hairs - Part 1

Exfoliate and Hydrate

Exfoliate and hydrate every other day.

  1. Exfoliate your skin with exfoliating gloves. While in the shower put your exfoliating gloves on, put your body wash or soap on your gloves and wash yourself. Use these everywhere except your face. I like that with the gloves you can really clean your ears and get areas of our bodies that a loofa wouldn't be able to do. 

    Exfoliate no more than every other day. Every day is too much on your skin. While it feels good I don't want you to belong to "Over Exfoliator's Anonymous". Your skin barrier could become compromised. We are trying to prevent a problem, not create one.
  2. After you have exfoliated, hydrate your skin with lotion, body butter, or oil. Hydrating the skin is very important. If the skin is too dry the hair can not grow through the skin and will cause an ingrown hair. 

This is a two-part process. Exfoliate to remove your dead skin cells. Hydrate to prevent your skin from becoming dry.  By both exfoliating and hydrating your skin your hair should be able to grow through your skin instead of becoming stuck under your skin and creating an ingrown hair.